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Cale is a photographer uncertain of his talent, and Penn is a writer who talks in her sleep. They are old friends, but can they be more?


This story is based on real people, a real dog, and a dream.

Jamie has a secret place on the mountain, where he runs to hide from bullies. Deer graze around him, but where do they go when they disappear? And how can he make the bullies stop? 

"The Deer Place" is inspired by the life of the author's father.

In a post-apocalyptic landscape, an atheist doctor and a staunch nun must care for a band of orphans when supplies are dwindling and hope is low. Not believing God exists, Dr. Wayfare takes upon himself the guilt and fear he cannot relinquish to an imaginary being.

"At the End of Time, When the World Was New" is a multiple-award-winning short story, and was published in the final issue of Dragons, Knights & Angels magazine.

Jaysha Don'Ayghel is suffocated by her life in the great walled city of Spectra. One day, she flees to the Hinterland, a vast, mysterious forest beyond the city, where strange creatures dwell and where newfound friends help her remember she has been to the Hinterland before -- but why?
Read "Modern Mythology" by Keanan Brand in Awethology Light.

The Awethors are a group of independent authors in the UK and the US. They collaborated on two anthologies:

Awethology Light, with stories suitable for all ages, and Awethology Dark, featuring stories for ages 18+.

3 DragonFirefly2017.jpg
Ryu won't stay dead.

He has been living quietly since his murder, tending to his late master's empty dojo, but one day he meets his killer in the marketplace.

How is Ryu still alive, and why does an old friend seek his demise? 

"The Dragon and the Firefly" is a Japanese-themed short fantasy tale in which the folklore and faith of East and West mingle into something new.
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