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Captain Gaerbith is heir to a secret: the location of a lost sword he cannot touch. In a village far from the battlefield, Kieran the blacksmith remembers nothing before the day when, as a young boy, he was found beside a dead man, a dagger in hand.


Maggie is a healer's apprentice, and earns her way as a laundress. Her shadowed past and crippled hand make her an object of suspicion and ridicule. Far to the north, the king's daughter—Yanámari—plots to escape the royal city and her father's iron control.


Forces are aligning, old prophecies are fulfilling, and in the east a fire glows in Dragon's Rook.

When broken be the throne of Kel

and silent be his voice,

When Dragons rise in stormy flight

and Nardha’s hounds rejoice,

When Men in fear and darkness dwell

and children cry to God,

Then look to where the day meets night–

the Warrior walks abroad.


Dragon's Rook is epic fantasy at its best.

~Scott M. Sandridge, editor, Hero's Best Friend: An Anthology of Animal Companions


A fine writer. An excellent story. An exciting adventure. You'll love this book! Keanan Brand will draw you in with his dragon writing. Just wait until one comes aground.

~Jennifer DiCamillo, author of Four Dead and The Price of Peace


Finding ways to describe Brand's Dragon's Rook is very difficult because phrases like "edge of my seat," "engrossing," "gripping tale" are all overused. But they apply perfectly. I was sucked into Brand's world and didn't want to return to earth!

~L.S. King, author of Deuces Wild: Beginner's Luck


Reading Dragon’s Rook by Keanan Brand is like exploring a mysterious cave filled with both wonders and unimaginable perils—you never know what vista the author will reveal, or what danger is hiding when you turn the page. Keanan is a new, epic voice in fantasy, and his mastery of the craft shines through … you don’t want to miss Dragon’s Rook!

~Robert Treskillard, award-winning author of The Merlin Spiral trilogy


(The) characters...of Dragon's Rook are richly crafted and well-balanced, providing the reader with a strong connection to the story. Realistic flaws and admirable traits...bring the reader a deep understanding of and empathy for the character, and even the villains are fully-developed and human in their “monstrousness”, rather than appearing flat or one-dimensional. The female protagonists are particularly well-written -- they're neither teary-eyed, helpless damsels in distress nor overly-aggressive backside-kicking jerks. Rather, each possesses a good balance of meekness, cleverness, and courage, making her relatable and lifelike.

~Jamie, a reader

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