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Dragon's Rook


ISBN-10: 0692359451

ISBN-13: 978-0692359457

The Lost Sword duology, Book 1

epic fantasy * adventure fantasy


Captain Gaerbith is heir to a secret: the location of a lost sword he cannot touch. Made of etherium, Azrin can be wielded only by the true king.

Kieran the blacksmith remembers nothing before the day when, as a young boy, he was found beside a dead man, a dagger in hand.

Forces are aligning, old prophecies are fulfilling, and in the east a fire glows in Dragon's Rook.

Dragon's Bane



The Lost Sword duology, Book 2

epic fantasy * adventure fantasy

Coming Soon

Raygun Chronicles: Space Opera for a New Age


ISBN-13: 978-0988125766 

space opera * science fiction

Edited by Bryan Thomas Schmidt, and featuring short works by science fiction authors, famous and unknown alike.


Includes Keanan's short story set in the Thieves' Honor universe: "Shooting the Devil's Eye".

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